jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Rehabilitation cespedeña

The rehabilitation room in the municipality of Camagüey Carlos Manuel de Céspedes is for schools in the health sector shows encouraging results in terms of patient care is concerned.
This public health institution founded in 2004 with 12 services including careful attention of professionals.
The residents of this portion of land west of Camagüey benefit from this attention among those who have Physiatry services with Defectology and language pathology, occupational therapy and others.

As the patient care Electrotherapy Ultrasound, Corrientes and Laser are benefits in previous years cespedeños had to be addressed in the provincial capital or in the municipality of Florida.
The Board of Rehabilitation Cespedes is a powerful symbol of our social system in these 50 years where the human being remains paramount.
Remote communities cespedeña header as Natalia, Nazareno, Magarabomba, Delicia and others are benefited from this new provision of Health.
The Board of Rehabilitation in Céspedes, collective moral, despite all the laurels achieved, is challenged with the entire group of trabajadrores to increase the number of patients through primary care in search of a better quality of life.

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