sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

El pueblo pá La Asamblea

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María del Carmen Fuentes Pérez dijo...

Sigue con tus propuestas en video y tus iniciativas, así el blog gana en calidad. tu amiga de siempre, Mary

machetico dijo...

2010-11 Art Gallery System program includes:

Past is History - Future is Mystery

September – October, 2010

Freedom Tower

One of the most compelling political issues today is the question of totalitarianism and the effect of these governments and regimes on its citizens and the world. Artists continue to create powerful images that draw attention to these abuses. This mixed-media exhibition deals with repressive issues in the artists' own countries and cultures of origin. They include Pablo Trejo, Alejandro Mendoza, Juan Si-Gonzalez, Maritza Molina, Ramon Williams, Cesar Beltran, Antuan and Nelson Garrido.